Snow Seoul Walk

Would you like to experience walking in the snow in Seoul?

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Walking in Awareness:
Rise From the Dread, by Janine Vance

Rise From the Dread, by Janine Vance

“Those who live a pressured life with little or no time to spare may assume that they won’t be able to find time to fit into their schedule.  On the contrary, the practice can be quite flexible.  We can hit two birds with one stone just by taking a walk under the influence and direction of our inner light. The benefits of walking amidst nature can gift humanity with much-needed silence for those of us under the most pressure.” Janine Vance, author of The Power of Isolation, How Silence is Golden

The Power of Isolation + Going Back to Zen = In ONE Physical book, Rise From the Dread: Escape Stress, Worry, & Anxeity. 

“In a meditative state, life scenarios make sense and the miracle of life is obvious.  A walking mediation is simply an exercise in the appreciation and awareness of silence wherever you are.” — Author, Janine Vance


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