Rise From Dread

Rise from the Dread: A Beginner’s Guide to Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety (Advance Review Copy (ARC) Limited-Edition Pre-Release)

A great little book to take with you when you need to manage stress to prevent anxiety.


Going Back to Zen: Self-Care for Korean Adoptees

A Majestic Piano Song: “Virtuous”

Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network

Adoption Truth Books

Through global and community outreach, we validate and support the experiences of like-minded activists. We (the people) are the ”task force” that will generate progress and the respect we deserve.

Snow Seoul Walk

Walking in Awareness: “Those who live a pressured life with little or no time to spare, may assume that they won’t be able to find time to fit into their schedule.  On the contrary, the practice can be quite flexible.  We can hit two birds with one stone just by taking a walk under the influence and direction of our …