Rise from the Dread: A Beginner’s Guide to Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety (Advance Review Copy (ARC) Limited-Edition Pre-Release)

How Do You Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety?

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“I loved it!” It was inspirational! It was uplifting really! It was perfect for me especially since I was in isolation.  Everyone should read it!! — A Lifecare COVID Survivor, C. Shaw

Rise From the Dread, Escape from Stress, Worry, and Anxiety by Janine Vance

This book is for anyone who has been misunderstood, classified wrongly, reduced to a caricature, perceived as someone they are not, or deal with an expected environmental change.
Perhaps, this is the human experience. Perhaps this is all of us. After all is said and done, one thing remains, we are much more than we ever thought we were! We are connected to all that is! Let’s get up and escape from stress, worry, and anxiety. We can hit the reset button and begin again if need be. NOTE: Updated version of Going Back to Zen
Rise from the Dread: A Beginner’s Guide to Escape Stress, Worry, and Anxiety (Advance Review Copy (ARC) Limited-Edition Pre-Release)
 “Gentle Wisdom for the Heart, Mind, and Soul”
“This book is gently insightful into several themes that concern us as humans living at this point in history. The author blends Eastern thought and applies it to life in the West. The book is divided into twenty-plus chapters that are on different topics. The topics are interrelated and several greater themes emerge like the meaning of nature in our mechanized, technical lives and the different levels of healing that the body, mind, and soul may need. The author has an easy-to-understand way of writing even on some of these more difficult and abstract topics. She gently and kindly encourages us to explore the mental patterns that may or may not be working for us and those around us. In the end, she even includes her own favorite guided meditation. If you’re looking for a book to get you thinking about some of the deeper aspects of what it means to be human, you might enjoy the essays in this book. There’s much food for thought here, so I recommend that you read and digest only one or two chapters/essays at a time to get the most benefit from this book. I also suggest making a little note to yourself at the top of each chapter about what it means to you so that you can more easily come back to it if you find yourself grappling with the topic of the chapter.” — Jamie BJ (Amazon Reviewer)
“Excellent guidance and encouragement for taking regular mind breaks”

“Vance provides short essays on twenty-five topics that we face daily. The advice is uplifting and helpful. For example, we think of “walking meditation” as some strange and difficult activity. Vance simplifies it to simply “walking in silence” and gives us encouragement on the benefits. “Don’t just do something, sit there” suggests the benefits of a notebook to write but not to judge what you have written. I loved this book and have already recommended it to my close friends. You can read these concise topics individually and try out the suggestions. Very uplifting and worthwhile.” —   Walker (Amazon Reviewer and Artist)

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