The Profiles of KAD Relations with the Black Community

Author, Woo Ae Yi

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Korean Adoptee Stories interviews Woo Ae Yi about the new release of her book: Profiles of KAD Relations with the Black Community: ’92 to ’20 which is sold digitally and on paperback at Amazon. Woo Ae Yi is an author, poet, lyricist, playwright, and unofficial anthropologist who was born in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea and is a U.S. citizen. She has published twelve books, including this one, on the topic of Korean adoptees, Goths, romance and sex, spirituality, and prison. She was raised in the white-populated area of Little Korea, the Koreatown of the metropolitan DC area, and lived in the Korean-populated area of Little Korea for more than 10 years. She volunteers at Adoptee Hub as a copywriter to help stand up a birth search portal, among other adult adoptee services.

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"This is a powerful and important read for all. The adoptee's voice is all too often silenced, and it can literally be life or death for some to be heard and seen."Amazon Review

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