Power of Isolation meets Spirit

How do you forgive–without actually forgiving?

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The Power of Isolation by Janine Vance
"Ever been dis'd by someone and needed an alternative way to forgive them--without actually forgiving them? "

About the Book:

The mindful ideas can be practiced by anyone, at any time, and at any location. It does not matter who you are or what limitations, political, or religious leanings one way or another, you might have. Need to "stay calm and carry on" in today's harsh landscape, which seems so divided on various levels? For anyone of us who has ever been demeaned and demoralized prompted by misconstrued assumptions about who "you" are, use one or two of these suggestions for your benefit.
*The content in this book and "Going Back to Zen" are inside "Rise from the Dread" by Janine Vance. 

"The Power of Isolation: How Silence is Golden by Janine Vance is a thought-provoking and insightful book for all those readers who are trying to survive in adverse circumstances and find a connection with their inner self. The book speaks about Buddha, his principles and teachings, and his journey to becoming an ascetic. The Noble Eightfold path advocated by Buddha opens readers up to wisdom, concentration, and morality and will help them imagine endless possibilities. The author's words will enable readers to acknowledge their inner light and become caring to the people around them. It will also guide readers when it comes to silencing their minds and using it for self-reflection and rejuvenation. Silence is golden and this book encourages everyone to practice silence and become connected with the universal oneness."

"The Power of Isolation is profound and speaks about the benefits of meditation which will help readers to connect to the Universal Energy which works as good therapy for the body and mind. It will also help readers believe in themselves and develop new thoughts so that they are compassionate and empathetic, not only to themselves but also to others. It is a good book for all those readers who are interested in empowering the self and developing communication with the Sacred Energy Life Force, otherwise known as the Soul. There is a lot of information in this book on how to have a greater rapport with the body, mind, and soul. The writing exercises at the end of the book are good for self-reflection and give readers a chance to make changes in their perception of the world in and around them for the better."

Mamta Madhaven, Review from Reader's Favorite

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