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The Quiet Whistleblower Trailer

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My abandonment was fake. They manufactured fake orphans to feed the inter-country adoption market.

The Quiet Whistleblower

Did you know adoption agencies do not actively provide information to adoptees?

Did you know that 70-80% of missing children in Korea are kidnapped and sent overseas for adoption?

Did you know that one out of three adoptees were abused?

Did you know international adoptions are serious human rights violations?

“The Quiet Whistleblower is an investigative documentary about the Korean proxy adoption model. I found out in January 2022 that Holt Children Services, the Korean adoption agency, made me a fake orphan, and I was never abandoned and never given up for adoption. My adoption is a crime. Through this film, I share my investigation based on my personal story, and I explore the danger and suffering of Korean adoptees in search of their lost families. Please help us to finish the production and the post production of this film.”

소리없는 고발자는 한국해외대리 입양모델을 바탕으로 제가 당한 범죄적인 입양, 그리고 입양으로 친가족가 해어진 입양인들 과 함께 다시 한국 해외 대리 입양을 바라보는 다큐멘타리입니다. 영화를 끝내기 위해 여러분들의 따뜻한 기부가 필요합니다.

Visit here for the GOFUNDME to complete the documentary.


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