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The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption by Janine Vance

In this contemporary tale detailing a two-week trip that explores intercountry adoption from South Korea, twin sisters naively travel to their birth city of Seoul in search of their Korean family. Little incidents along the way serve as a catalyst that leads them into a worldwide modern-day adoptee-rights movement seeking truth and transparency. If you have ever thought about looking for your birth family or simply curious about adoption, grab this book and gain insight into what happened to other adoptees as they travel back to their motherland to look for long-lost relatives during their trip to Seoul, South Korea. Gain the insight you need before you make the search on your own. Imagine believing you were “found on a street corner,” only to discover as an adult everything you were told about your origin was a lie. What if you were told you were abandoned but later learned that it was not uncommon for adoption agencies to routinely label and process children as if orphaned under the guise of charity to fill the global evangelical demand? There are more than two-hundred thousand Korean-born adoptees and the child market has spread to every continent. Pick up this must-read book and live vicariously through the Vance Twins on this adventure of a lifetime.


The Search for Mother Missing has a lot of strengths. Janine Vance went for something more well-rounded. When issues of great pain and suffering are discussed they never come across as overwhelming, as you would expect when issues as serious as these are at the center of a book. This was a brilliant choice; to be informative without being exhausting. It helps a lot that Janine’s writing and her entire organization of this book are so welcoming, easy to follow, and heart-warming. She draws you in quickly and you identify with her. It is this sense of effortlessness and the hope of the story that really makes this book gripping. The Search for Mother Missing answers some questions in a very satisfactory, insightful manner that will make you see the world of international adoption differently. Those questions are: what’s it like to be a trans-racial international adoptee? Do the benefits of international adoption outweigh the costs and vice versa? What rights should the child, biological parents, and adoptive parents have? What sort of protections are necessary? When is adoption appropriate? These aren’t easy questions and Janine Vance doesn’t give easy answers either, but they are honest and thoughtful answers nonetheless. I highly recommended this book, if not for its candor, for its uplifting story.” ~ Sandy Masia  –This text refers to the paperback edition.

The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek inside International Adoption by Janine Vance is a gripping memoir of adoption and two sisters’ search for their roots…. Janine Vance explores the implications of international adoption in writing that is clear and insightful, allowing readers to understand the journey from the perspective of the adoptees while exploring issues of the rights of the adoptees and how those rights can be abused. The narrative voice is powerful and clear and the prose good. The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek inside International Adoption asks important questions related to the rights of children adopted internationally, explores the challenges they face, and the anguish of being disconnected from one’s true parents. It is poignant, insightful, and gripping, filled with humanity.” ~ Christian Sia

The Search for Mother Missing is a strong, powerful book on the present system of adoption. I agreed with Janine on this question of useless, enforced “anonymity” between biological parents and children or any blood relatives for that matter. While not all adopted people would want to learn their roots, it is their right to know them if they wish. Similarly, as much as the biological parents voluntarily gave up the child for adoption, people and circumstances can change, and leaving that door open for future contact is the only humane thing to do. Janine’s fresh voice and writing style throw a spotlight on this issue. I hope more people realize the state of the present system and encourage and support “open adoption” where contact between birth relatives is supported if all parties wish it. This is a great book and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.” ~ Gisela Dixon

Americanized '72: A Generation-X Coming-of-Age (& Identity) Adoption Story

About the Book:

Americanized '72: A Generation-X Coming-of-Age (& Identity) Adoption Story (Adoption Books for Adults Book 1)

Americanized '72: A Generation-X Coming-of-Age (& Identity) Adoption Story (Adoption Books for Adults Book 1) By Janine Vance

There comes a time in everyone's life when you are forced to choose between the preachings of your childhood-upbringing or the great unknown. When raised by a religious couple, who do you "honor and obey," when they disagree?

This is an up-close and personal story about adapting to the dynamics of being adopted while facing typical and unusual family challenges, like attempting to win approval from the authorities of the day.

In addition, accidents happen, such as the father's 100-foot hang-gliding fall, resulting in his traumatic brain injury and permanent disability, which add to the burden of the family dynamic.

What would you do if you learned that your Christian parents were holding secrets, which could affect your siblings and your status as an American into the future?

Later into adulthood, when you are nudged by the universe to look at life (and the afterlife) outside of your traditional upbringing, what would you do if the pastor kicked you out of his congregation?

Amazon Review

"As a fellow inter-country adoptee this book means so much to me because it validates the experience I went through growing up in the 70' and 80s. Americanized ' 72 tells of Janine's personal memoir that would typically be kept behind the scenes, or in the dark in real life because it has to do with adoption, and most adoptions start with secrets. Janine is vulnerable, innocent, and this is a coming of age story of trying to figure out her identity, her place within her family, her rocky adoptive mom's relationship, and sickness. Janine not only shares openly her experience but she shares with ironies, sarcasm, and sense-of-humor that really shine through in her memoir. Her voice is revolutionary for those of us who are not yet able to communicate, articulate, and/or scared to share because of our adoptive families. For most of us, we have to keep quiet about how we truly feel about our adoption experience for fear of upsetting our adoptive parents.
Besides bringing out issues about adoption, it also touches on coping with family relationships, abuse, divorce, hoarding, disabilities, mental illness, and well-kept secrets, you know, the 'typical' American life. Janine is brave of 'coming out of the closet' to speak her Truth. She also co-founded Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network with her twin sister (also known as “Vance Twins“). For years she and her sister show compassion and support to the community that includes domestic, inter-country, late-discovery adoptees, AND long lost families. If you are adopted you can identify with the author's adoption experience but if you are not adopted you will get a real taste of how it 'feels' to be adopted with all the extra issues that most people never have to deal with or think about. So don't be shy about picking up this book, you will not regret it."

"This story is the starting point of the Adoption Truth Journey" --James W.

Today the twins are the co-founders of one of the largest adoptee-led groups on social media and are especially known for turning adoption upside-down.

*This is the updated and revised version of Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption (2003) no longer available.

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