Empowering Korean Adoptees Worldwide

Our Mission:

At the Korean Adoptees Worldwide Network, we aim to advocate for the rights and dignity of Korean adoptees globally. We strive to empower individuals who have been transnationally adopted from Korea, ensuring our voices are heard, and our rights are respected. We are committed to promoting bridging the gap, belonging, and empowerment among Korean Adoptees Worldwide.

Our Vision:

Our vision is a world where we are fully embraced and supported in our journey to reclaim our true identities, reconnect with our heritage, and advocate for our rights. We envision a society that recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.

What We Believe.

We Believe in Human Rights

Protection of Basic Human Rights:

We are committed to upholding the basic human rights of Korean adoptees, including protection of our rights as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Right to Identity:

We believe every individual has the fundamental right to our factual identity, starting from birth, including our rights to our information including biological heritage and cultural background.

Rights to Biological Family:

We advocate for the rights to seek and establish connections with our biological families, should we choose to do so, in a safe and respectful manner.

Right to a supportive Community and Countries:

We deserve a supportive community and country where we will be be welcomed, validated and not bullied.

Rights to Citizenship:

We advocate for the recognition of our right to citizenship in both our country of birth and the countries we were deported to, ensuring we are not left stateless or vulnerable.

Access to Our History:

We affirm the right of Korean adoptees to access true information about our personal family history andheritage.  Nobody has rights to this information but ourselves.

Rights for Our Future Generations:

We believe in securing the rights of our future generations, including the right for our children to be recognized as Korean citizens and to know their biological ancestry.

Freedom from Religion:

We support the freedom from religion for all Korean adoptees, recognizing and respecting our diverse spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Voices and Respect:

We believe in amplifying our voices and advocating for our rights to be heard and respected in all spheres of society.

Stop Overseas Adoption.

We call for all governments to declare a halt to the multi-billion dollar child market, recognizing all the human rights violations and advocating for the protection of families and children for generations to come.
"This is a powerful and important read for all. The adoptee's voice is all too often silenced, and it can literally be life or death for some to be heard and seen."
-- Claire

Korean Adoptee Anthology 2023 compiled by the Vance Twins