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Safeguarding Our Identities and Ensuring Our Safety

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We Prioritize Dignity and Autonomy: The Commitment To Identity, Truth and Rights To Our History.

Korean Adoptees Worldwide

Understanding the Importance of Identity Protection for Korean Adoptees

As members of Korean Adoptees Worldwide, our commitment to protecting our identities is unwavering. We understand the profound impact of identity on our lives, especially considering the challenges many face due to the lack of clear identity documentation, insecurity of citizenship, and the ongoing struggle for safety and stability.

Navigating Citizenship Insecurities and Family Dynamics: The Challenges of Korean Adoptees Worldwide

In recognizing the vulnerabilities faced by our members, particularly those who may still be in abusive situations or grappling with complex family dynamics, we are steadfast in our dedication to safeguarding their identities. Drawing from the painful lessons of Korean adoption history, where biological parents were often marginalized and their identities concealed, we recognize the vital importance of protecting the identities of our members.

Lessons from History: Why Identity Protection Matters in Korean Adoption

In a world where governments and religious institutions have failed to adequately protect the rights and identities of adoptees and their biological families, Korean Adoptees Worldwide stands as a beacon of protection and support for its victims. We prioritize our members’ safety, dignity, and autonomy, creating a space where they can reclaim their identities without fear or judgment.

Creating a Safe Haven: How Korean Adoptees Worldwide Supports Members in Vulnerable Situations

Through advocacy, education, and community-building efforts, we strive to ensure that every Korean adoptee feels empowered to explore and embrace their heritage, free from the constraints of secrecy or shame. By protecting the identities of our members, we uphold the values of transparency, respect, and solidarity that define our organization.

Building Community and Solidarity: The Power of Protecting Identities Together

Together, we stand united in our commitment to preserving the identities of Korean Adoptees Worldwide, forging a path toward healing, understanding, and collective empowerment.