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Kim Keejung was adopted from Holt International Children Services. Adopted from Holt? Did you know there is a request for an investigation into adoptions from Holt and KSS?  Adoption profiteers have a long history of labeling children as orphans in order to process them for international adoption. Read here for more information.

“Adoptive parents and families are known to be harmonious and loving, but many are not. Such was the case with Kim Ki-jeong’s family. My parents were alcoholics and irresponsible. Although she loved her adopted son, her family was broken, and Ki-jung was alone again. He moved his life to the country that gave birth to him, but he had to be told that he was a foreigner. Now let’s listen to his story that he is happily raising a family in England and writing his story as a book.” Looking for Mom.

These stories validate the experiences of all those who have been ridiculed or outright abused but have found the will to survive, thrive, and sahre their tale.
"This is a powerful and important read for all. The adoptee's voice is all too often silenced, and it can literally be life or death for some to be heard and seen."

After years of forced "positivity" led by the profiteers, it is time to be real. 

"I got my copy of the book yesterday and I will be finished today. Even though I knew there were many of us, Korean adoptees, out there, this is the first time I have been able to read their stories. So many of the authors capture ever so poignantly the feelings I felt while I was growing up and the feelings that I still have today. I wish I had been able to connect with other Korean adopters when I was growing up. But I know that I would have avoided every opportunity to do so since I wanted to be able to keep my "white face" on and I didn't want to be Korean or an adoptee. I just wanted to be like my friends - white. I hope that I can connect with other Korean adoptee s. (Darn auto correct wants to change adoptee(s) to adopters). Reading this book makes me want to re-invigorate my search for my birth mother. What I tell myself though is that it's probably too late, she's probably dead. I always wondered why it cost so much to adopt a child from Korea (approx.. $30K in the US). A friend of mine was stationed in Korea - he and his wife were able to adopt a baby girl then and it only cost them about $6K. So where is the delta going to? Are Koreans in Korea profiting from the sale of "orphans?"

"A Fantastic Read" -- An Amazon Reader

"Great works of literary art from the Korean Adopted Community that form a collage of life experiences and perceptions, in the form of stories, micro biographies and poetry. Very well written and upholstered entries from all participants. This is a great compendium to which the reader can dip in and out of. Good for long and short journeys by bus, car, train, plane. Take as little or as much ad you want. Highly recommended."

"We are KADs and this is how we say it" -- James Sedonne