Korean Adoptees Worldwide Investigates

Korean Adoptees Worldwide Investigation Report finds Harry Holt’s family and business guilty of assault and battery on Korean mothers for their babies, attempted assault on one of Korea’s consulates, trafficking and the commercialization, commodification, and sale of children as early as 1956, and falsely advertising children as orphans, abandoned, unwanted, and homeless. The full report “The Case Against Harry Holt’s Overseas Adoption Program,” ready in 2024, Reveals what adoption profiteers, The Hague Adoption Convention, and the international adoption industry haven’t told you—and probably won't."

Korean Adoptees Worldwide Investigation

조사 보고서에 따르면 해리 홀트는 한국 아이를 빼앗기 위해 한국 어머니를 공격하고, 한국 영사를 공격하려 시도한 뒤 아이들을 인신매매하며 그들을 이용했습니다. 홀트는 아이들을 고아, 버림받은 사람, 노숙자로 거짓 광고했습니다. 전체 조사 보고서를 받으려면 info@AdoptionHistory.org로 이메일을 보내거나 이 이메일에 회신하세요.

헤이그 입양 협약(HAC)을 비준하지 말 것을 촉구합니다. Korean Adoptees Worldwide urge you DO NOT ratify The Hague Adoption Convention (HAC).

For the full Investigational Report into Harry Holt's Overseas Adoption Program Email info@adoptionhistory.org