Korean Adoptees are demanding an investigation into their adoptions from Holt and KSS.

Adoption Agency Creates Orphans in Order to Fill the Demand for International Adoption

In All, Korean Adoptee Videos, Special Request by KAW

Traveling to France full of doubts, I was forcibly adopted overseas without my mother knowing. 


An adoption agency creates an “orphan” family register without her parents’ consent. Behind that was acquiescence and aiding and abetting from the courts and government agencies.

Yuri, who knew all of that,
She cries that now she accuses the motherland.

Seventy years after her overseas adoption in South Korea.
World’s No. 1 child exporter.
Two hundred thousand children were sent for adoption to 15 countries around the world for astronomical fees.
She closed her eyes to human rights violations, illegality, and absurdity.

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In the absence of adoptee voices...
there is no moving forward.

Protecting Local and Global Families From the Crisis of Adoption Trafficking.
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